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Pet Kinesiology

Animal Kingdom

Kinesiology for your Pets... Yes, it is possible and it’s a game changer!

How did I start Pet Kinesiology?

As a pet owner, witnessing your beloved companion unwell and feeling powerless to help can be incredibly distressing.

After numerous vet visits, I learned that my beautiful 6 year old Ragdoll cat, Lynx, was struggling with a multitude of health challenges, from severe digestive issues to behavioural concerns. Faced with the prospect of lifelong medication, I turned to Kinesiology and decided to try a surrogate Kinesiology balance for Lynx. It was the best thing I ever did! This decision proved transformative as it enabled me to pinpoint the root causes of his conditions. Through Kinesiology, Lynx' body revealed that his diet was causing his digestive issues, while his thyroid and kidney problems stemmed from toxin build-up. Addressing his pain and emotional distress further contributed to his overall well-being. Over time, Kinesiology facilitated profound healing for Lynx, eliminating the need for medication and allowing us to embark on a year-long caravan journey around Australia with ease.

How Pet Kinesiology is supporting Lynx' cancer diagnosis?

In December 2023, at the age of 11, Lynx exhibited signs of fatigue, excessive sleep, and a lack of interest in eating, playing, or socialising. Concerned, I took him to see a Vet Specialist, where he was diagnosed with IBD, Lymphoma, and a large abdominal tumour. Opting for palliative care, we focused on keeping Lynx comfortable with veterinary medication and holistic therapies, blending Western and Eastern medicine approaches. Incorporating Kinesiology, alongside conventional veterinary care proved beneficial in managing Lynx's symptoms and providing tailored support. Fast forward to June 2024, during a check-up, the Vet was unable to feel the abdominal tumour and suspects that the tumour has shrunk. Lynx' weight and vital signs have improved, surpassing everyone's expectations and bringing happiness to all who care for him.

When questioned about the primary factor contributing to Lynx's improvement, I believe it's the amalgamation of various modalities. Kinesiology has proven to be invaluable in balancing his white and red blood cells and enhancing his immune system, adjusting medication dosage when needed and alleviating symptoms. It has given me a sense of empowerment because I not only understand his needs better, but witnessing Lynx' happiness and thriving state fills me with immense joy. I'm hopeful that he has many more years ahead of him.

How does it work?

When you are thinking of your pet or in physical contact with them, an energetic connection forms, and your muscles act as a biofeedback indicator. All corrections are directed toward you, facilitating gentle and non-invasive healing. These corrections may involve techniques like acupressure, meridian activation, neuro-vascular and lymphatic stimulation, emotional stress diffusion, chakra balancing, aura alignment, the use of essential oils and flower essences. Some corrections can also be applied directly to your pet if they are willing.


To grasp how surrogacy functions in Kinesiology, we must consider the principles of quantum physics, and the concept that everything is energy. At the fundamental level, all matter and energy are resonate with distinct vibrational frequencies. This extends beyond physical, tangible objects to encompass thoughts, emotions, and intentions, each possessing its own energetic vibration. In the context of Kinesiology, disruptions or imbalances in these energetic frequencies can influence the well-being of both pets and their owners. By understanding the concept that everything is energy, a surrogate can establish an energetic connection with their pet and convey their energetic signals. By working on the surrogate, not only does it harmonise the pet's energetic vibration, but it also aligns the surrogate's energetic resonance in the process.


How can Kinesiology help your pet?

Kinesiology can be used to assess imbalances and blockages in an animal's physical and energy system, just as it is done for humans. By surrogating your pet’s energy, I aim to identify and address any physical, biological, emotional or energetic disruptions that may be affecting your pet’s wellbeing.


Some potential benefits of using kinesiology on dogs, cats and other pets include:


1. Biochemistry and enhancing life force: Kinesiology can help identify and address underlying imbalances that may contribute to your pet’s physical health such as digestive upsets, allergies, hormonal imbalances, unexplained illnesses, recovery from surgery and toxic overload from general anaesthetic or prescribed medications. I may use homeopathic vials to identify and restoring balance in their biological system, supporting your pet’s overall health and wellbeing.


2. Pain management: Kinesiology may help relieve pain and discomfort in pets by identifying biological, emotional or energetic imbalances that could be contributing to their pain symptoms. This can include acute or chronic physical pain, injuries or arthritis. By restoring balance, it may provide relief and support their overall comfort.


3. Emotional and behavioural support: Kinesiology techniques can be helpful in addressing emotional and behavioural issues in animals that suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, fear or aggression and may promote a sense of calm, reduce stress, and improve their emotional state.


4. Bodywork and Energy: If your pet is happy and calm, I may move or stimulate parts of their body to influence or promote energy flow. This may include acupressure and meridian activation, neurovascular and neurolymphatic stimulation, emotional stress diffusion, chakra balance, aura alignment and flower essences. 

5. Enhanced physical health: Kinesiology may aid in optimizing your pet’s movement by identifying and addressing any imbalances that may hinder their physical abilities or stamina. This is especially beneficial for working dogs or animals involved in sports or other performance activities.


Kinesiology has shown positive outcomes when used as a complementary therapy or alongside conventional veterinary care, rather than just a standalone treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located and what if I can't get there?


Pet Kinesiology appointments can be made in person at Body Riches Wellness Centre in South Fremantle or online via Microsoft Teams. If you live in the Perth area, home visits are also available. Travel fees apply.

Can Pet Kinesiology be done from a distance?

The concept of surrogating your pet’s energy embraces the understanding that the energy of an individual is not limited to their physical body but expands beyond it. Thus, by being a surrogate, it allows me to work with your pet’s energy remotely or even online. Through this connection, I can subtly perceive their emotions or physical symptoms, enabling me to guide their balance towards a direction that suits their needs.

What is the cost?

Services and prices can be found here.

What is the Travel Fee?

Travel fees are calculated at the time of booking.

Please be sure to contact me by phone or writing to discuss your location prior to booking a Kinesiology session.
I reserve the right to refuse any travel that I deem excessive or that does not fit within my schedule. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. 


Let’s make a pawsitive change to your pet’s life!

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