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Areas of Expertise


Kinesiology is both gentle and holistic. It incorporates elements of Chinese medicine, traditional Western medicine and eastern wisdom. Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to access the body’s subconscious and stored information. Once the underlying cause of the problem has been found, I use a range of kinesiology techniques to heal the body and bring it back into balance. These therapies include flower essences, tuning forks, vials, essential oils, emotional stress diffusion and nutritional consideration. Kinesiology can be used to treat a range of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental issues.  


Kinesiology is effective because it creates a direct link to the brain and provides access your body’s bio-computer. It gives your body the tools and direction it needs to self heal and maintain vitality.

With most issues I recommend around three to five sessions to notice major changes. Many people see changes after one session but for lasting changes to occur it takes a few sessions. With each session we peel back more layers and clear the core issue. 

Mind Body Medicine

Mind Body Medicine incorporates Chinese Medicine theories by using the Chinese diagnostic methods via pulse and tongue. Exploring the relationship between the mind and the body simultaneously allows us to understand the meaning of specific symptoms, patterns of behaviour and how they impact the physical body. This  is a powerful way to uncover the deep seated motivations behind the lifestyle patterns that are affecting your health and wellness. Mind Body Medicine also works with the 5 elements (earth, metal, water, wood and fire), the deep flows of the meridians and acupuncture points to help improve many different conditions and provides unique methods for balancing meridians.


If you love essential oils, then look no further! 

I am a doTERRA retail representative and have products available to purchase in clinic and online. 

I originally joined doTERRA because after completing my Kinesiology course, I realised how effective essential oils are - not only for our physical wellbeing but our emotional wellbeing as well.


Every day we are exposed to thousands of environmental toxins. We are constantly inhaling, swallowing or having physical contact with chemical compounds that disrupt our cells, biological processes and immune system. Over time, continual exposure can lead to inflammation and disease.


Since completing my course, I've been on a journey of slowly replacing all harmful products that I was using in my home. Using ingredients that are easy to find in your local supermarket, I make a lot of my own products now that are not only good for my health but incorporating essential oils also makes it cost effective and smell great.


I also lean on essential oils for physical and emotional support daily and use essential oils in my Kinesiology sessions. Essential oils are incredibly beneficial for emotional support. They are gentle, effective and safe. 

If you are interested in lowering your exposure to toxic chemicals but taking the first step feels daunting, overwhelming and difficult to know where to start - that's ok. This is where I come in to support you.


Contact me here if you would like more information about where to start or to get advice on how to replace your current products.

It may be the best decision you ever made for your health and the wellbeing of your family.

Herbal oil
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